donderdag 16 september 2010

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 display repair guide

Hi Guys,

Numerous people ran in to problems with their Galaxy S because their display went dead. Ofcourse you can send your phone over to samsung however they charge between € 150 - € 240 for the repair. This is about half the price of a new phone. Recently my display is busted aswell so I gathered info on how to get it fixed or what costs would be to get it fixed. I was amazed about how inexpensive (only € 50 w/ shipping) a new oem display including tools are on e-bay (link). However the display is glued onto the rest of the handset so it is a hard time to have it replaced without damaging your device. In this guide I will tell you step-by-step the hurdles you encounter when doing it yourself. I need to place a sidenote here I did not follow the procedure described here yet. I made a summary of it for my own use and decided to make it public. All in all I think it is a beautifull solution when you can afford to send it to samsung or don't want to walk arround without a phone for a few weeks. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to e-mail me. Also this XDA topic is a great reference.

  1. Remove the backplate, battery, simcard and sdcard.
  2. Remove all the screws on the back. Youtube disessembly movie (link)
  3. Remove the motherboard guard. (use the prying tool you got with the lcd replacement)
  4. Disconnect the screen cable next to the sdcard slot.
  5. Remove the old display
    This is without a doubt the hardest part of the entire process. Like mentioned before the display sits tighly glued onto the rest of the device. Use the prying tool again and start from the top. As you can see on the picture below most of the glue sits on top. Slowly work to the sides and down on both sides. Do not proceed with the bottompart yet because the back and options buttons are glued aswell and if you are not carefull you'll damage them.
  6. Remove the bottompart of the screen. You can use a hairdryer to warm up the glue a little bit. That will make it come of more easily.
  7. Remove the entire screen. But be carefull because the cable goes through the body.
  8. Remove all residue glue with a flat screwdryver. Do not touch the area that have glue on them because this creates a greasy surface for the new glue.
  9. When all the glue is removed. Place the screen on the body with the cable through. Connect the cable on the other side. Insert the battery and power on the phone. This is to test if the display is oké before it is glued on the body.
  10. If everything is oké you can glue the display on the body. Let it dry according to instructions that come with the glue. To the right you can see an example a few guys on XDA used successfully.

I would like to thank pekkala89 from XDA for the pictures!